Monday, July 12, 2010

Praying for hunger...

I say my prayers at night, just before bed. I've tried mornings, but my mind is too foggy to communicate anything but: "let me be a blessing today." Last night as I prayed I thought of my nieces and nephews - all very dear to me - of how grown they are getting to be. I used to write and send devotional thoughts to the older ones when they were in high school and college, but I haven't done that regularly with the two younger ones. Argh!

Life in the faith is such a treasure. How do we share that with others - share it so that they can feel, smell, taste the goodness of knowing and serving God? I teach confirmation class to young people and I work to make the material interesting, relevant to their lives. But sometimes they sit in class like bumps on a log, or they discreetly fiddle with their iphones, uninterested in the mysteries I'm trying to open up to them. And then there are my own beloved nieces and nephews - I don't see them often. How do I pass on to them the sense of joy and fulfillment I have in my life with God and with God's people in the church?

Last night I prayed for my two nieces and four nephews, asking God to reveal himself to them in their daily lives. I prayed that they would hunger, yearn for God's presence and that they would find no satisfaction except in God - the Word of scripture, the gathering of the faithful to worship and to serve, the nearness of God in prayer. Saint Augustine said "our hearts are restless O God, until we rest in thee." Yes, indeed. And I pray that God stir up that restlessness in my nieces and nephews until they must seek God and let God draw near to them. Truly, there is no peace, no joy, no contentment like that of God's presence, of learning and following God's Word, of serving the world in God's name.

May we all be so blessed. Peace

Pastor Kris

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